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dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

I didn't notice, but when you take that quiz, at the bottom it has a link to check out your New Year's Resolutions....

In 2009, dirtyhugshipper resolves to...
Spend more time with my carcinogens.
Put fifty toxins a month into my savings account.
Go recycling three times a week.
Apply for a new environment.
Find a new detox.
Cut down to ten parabens a day.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

*goes to find pain killers for the hernia I just caused myself from laughing*

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

On the twelfth day of Christmas, dirtyhugshipper sent to me...
Twelve macricans drumming
Eleven qadiras piping
Ten ilostonjeopardys a-leaping
Nine wileykat109s dancing
Eight chancecatalysts a-milking
Seven madplanets a-swimming
Six caitriona27s a-recycling
Five ca-a-a-arcinogens
Four toxins
Three parabens
Two sls
...and a detox in a chemical free.
Get your own Twelve Days:

But I had to at least post that. It made us to laugh.

I am *really* *really* going to try to start posting Something in here at least once a week. If I don't - call me on it, please!

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

Rallys and gatherings September 27th all over the place! (except here. of course.)

Green Jobs Now

Read, watch, and listen about the proposed green stimulus proposals being presented in DC this week. And sign their petition so they can present it to the politicians that need to see them. It *does* help when someone hand delivers these petitions with names, addresses, and personal messages. It's not as effective as everyone showing up on the Whitehouse lawn, but it is NOT the bs that most people would like you to believe.

A great article that explains the green stimulus proposals can be found at EnviroWonk.

Personally, I think these ideas could really work. And they even have tangible monetary return that isn't all that far off. It seems to make a lot more sense to me than drilling oil which won't even give anyone a profit for 20+ years. I wonder sometimes what the hell goes through these people's minds!!

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

A really good article in Mother Jones about the Bush administration's habit of ignoring science whenever they feel like it. Including info on right whales, pollution, etc and how they've handled it all. AND how all those advisory committees and such are *supposed* to work. Return of the Geeks - For eight long years, the Bush administration has trashed and politicized the government's science agencies. How to kick out the hacks and flat-Earthers and let the nerds reign.
blueyz72, you'll like this one!

My favorite article so far about the new HFCS commercials. Including a list on how to answer the question "Why is HFCS bad?" One of the answers? "High-fructose corn syrup is the hellion child of the corn lobby’s satanic forces." *Dies laughing*

Marion Nestle's most recent post about China's melamine in formula scandal. I didn't quite understand some of the stuff about melamine. Which I feel bad about - cuz I *should* know these things after my cat got some of the contaminated food 2 years ago. One of the things she's treated for at accupuncture (cute kitty-as-porcupine pics here) is the kidney disease resulting from that whole thing.

Also, her blog is really good if you have any interest in food politics. I don't agree with everything she has to say (I really don't believe anymore that there's an obesity "epidemic" and she talks about that a lot - if anyone's interested I'll dig you up some links to peruse) but she's still one of my heroes. She's one of the most well known nutritionists/dieticians in the country and she regularly speaks out against the American Dietetic Association. As she should! The group that *officially* registers dieticians should NOT be receiving funding from Coca Cola.

And that's plenty of reading for everyone. :)

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

I keep thinking about posting here and then I don't. That's pretty obvious, though, huh?

I've got lots of rants in my head, but really I've just got some links I've been saving to share. :)

America's Most Endangered Foods
Not the best article ever, but it covers the topic and even lists some of the foods. It covers both animals and plants, too, which is nice.

And to go with that is one of my favorite sites to dream on - American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. They have cheek-ans!!! And turkeys and goats and rabbits and everything! They have lots of pics, and also tell you what a breed is best for - meat or eggs or milk or whatever. I do a lot of dreaming about cheek-ans and turkeys over there. :D

New American Dream has an Alternative Gift Registry. You can do bridal or shower or Whatever gift registries over there, and even list things like used books, or vintage clothing, or babysitting, or pie. :) ALONG with direct links to traditional things like dishes or Wiis. I really *like* this. And I'm definitely going to use it.

I've got more - I've got a whole bunch of sites I have on RSS feed that I don't *think* I've posted before, but if I put them all here now, no one will have time to look at them all.

>> insert rant about McCain/Palin and their "stance" on the environment and health here - and make it REALLY long and irate <<

And some day I'll write up some things with real information in them, really I will. I know you guys reading this know most of it, but sometimes I wish I had things written out already, or someplace to point people to instead of having to write out an entirely new long-ass email when they ask me questions. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

The last 10 months have been... well, there've been a lot of ups and downs. And I find myself either distracted, depressed, or with so much to say I end up not saying it.

But I *do* come across a whole lot of information.

So the question:
Would you interested in links to articles about sustainability, neat inventions, food safety/label/organic/ingredients issues, energy, politics (as pertains to tree hugging dirt worshipping and I'd keep it at that), fair trade, climate, and well... other things a tree hugging dirt worshipping dirty hippie might be interested in?

Or would that annoy the hell out of you? I'd probably not ever do more than one a day - and probably not even one every day. A short description so that if it was a touchy subject for you you could just move on without getting upset or bothered. Most of the articles come from ezines or blogs, or even lj, and I realize some of you already read them.

Just, sometimes I'd love to discuss some of the things I read with other people. And NOT usually on the blogs or places I read the articles at - I get way too annoyed at the trolls.

Plus sometimes when I find really neat stuff I wanna SHOW someone :) (I'm lonely lately, can ya tell?)

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

Quick(ish) "garden" update. (containers on the porch) Everything is mostly organic. I say that because a few of the plants that I bought as seedlings weren't organic. It's hard to find them all organic. But I've used only organic means to feed them and to deal with pests. I've been using Worm Poop - I've seen growth comparison tests on some blogs that were amazing - for fertilizer. Interesting info: Miracle Gro tried to SUE TerraCycle. Cuz TerraCycle (along with about 120 other fertilizers that they didn't feel the need to sue) has green and yellow labels with flowers and vegetables on them. The bottles look NOTHING like MiracleGro - they're packaged in used soda bottles so they obviously look different than everything, sometimes even itself - but I guess they don't like this competition. TerraCycle *has* changed the label, so maybe it was to settle the suit? I only find info from spring of last year. For bugs I've used a couple of organic NON-TOXIC products (some people around here can't be trusted not to accidentally or purposely drink it and organic =/= safe), my fingers, diatomaceous earth, sticky cards, and I've had help from a few spiders.


My beans and peas? SO dead. There have been freakish storms probably 5 out of 7 days since we planted in May. They got beat to hell and overwatered and flooded and well... dead. adaghar and I got a handful of peas. Very tasty, but that's all we got.

The cukes are doing fantastic! But. They were doing this fantastic last year when they got sick and died all at once. It was cucumber beetles. They not only lay their eggs on the roots, where the larva hatch and eat into the stem, but they carry a really nasty disease. This year I put squares of aluminum foil around the bases of the plants, plus I put diatomaceous earth on the soil, PLUS I started them (and the squash/zucchini) with crop cover clipped down over them. So far, so good. I've killed several cuke beetles, but I don't see as many as last year. And I keep checking the base of the stem and I don't see anything so far. Today we actually harvested our first cuke! It was SO tasty! And ya know, it was probably 10 inches long, and about 4 inches around. I could have picked it the other day, but I really wanted it to fill out a little more. I don't mind the seeds.

And unlike last year? I actually HAVE squash and zucchini plants. Last year they just wouldn't grow. They'd start to come up and die. I'd reseed, and the same thing would happen. I think I have to credit the covering for that. But I can't remember if I have 3 squash and 1 zucchini or the other way around. I planted 4 of each seed on either side of the bin and promptly forgot which I put on which side. (5 came up, and I accidentally pulled one out.) Btw - the bush type squash/zucc seeds I got? They really have stayed bushes! Sometimes those plants are only vines that aren't as long, but not these. Which is GOOD. I only have so much room. No fruit yet, or I'd know what at least one of the plants was. We've had flowers, but never a male and female at the same time! Obnoxious.

The peppers were doing horrible. But now we have some! Anaheim, I think? I ended up doing the pollinating myself, and it's working. I'll help the squash with pollinating, too, if they ever grow male and female flowers at the same time. I haven't had to help the cukes cuz the bumble bees ADORE them. The jabaneros just won't grow, though. No idea why.

The herbs are doing ok. Though the basil... eh. Not anywhere near as well as last year. I wanted some pesto!! Fortunately I should have enough for at least one batch (if it doesn't die) and they sell it at the farmer's market every year.

And that's all I'm growing this year. Other than flowers. Still recovering from my car accident (yes, that was 10 months ago, but the legs just aren't healed - or, they're healed mostly, I'm just still having strength and Pain issues) so I didn't want to plant more than I could handle.

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

First, a link to the EWG Skin Deep sunscreen page. This *should* go in order from best idea to worst. If you get the splash screen and don't want their e-newsletter, just hit "no thanks". I'm pretty sure it's impossible to link to Skin Deep without getting that screen.

BTW - when using the Skin Deep database? Pay attention to the products' actual pages. Something might be listed as totally safe, but then also have a lot of missing data, which means less negative data, which means better rating. Also it might have a lower rating just because of one ingredient that shows sensitivity in some people. Also, those pages are where you can see if they test on animals, see if they have lots of petrochemicals, etc. Skin Deep is fantastic - and if you don't have time you're still better off following their recommendations - but if you have the time, really look.

Also, here's their article on "nanoparticles" in sunscreens. For the lazy/busy person - EWG's stand is basically that "nanoparticles" in sunscreen is safer than most other sunscreen ingredients and since it does much more good than harm by *also* protecting your skin better, they're for it. In Sunscreen. Not eyeshadow. If you are interested in more on that, I have more links to other articles/studies/opinions on this. Note that most "nanoparticles" in sunscreens, um... aren't. And also note that over 1/3 of the ingredients available for cosmetic use are now available in nano/microparticle form AND like everything else in the cosmetics labeling world - they don't have to label it as such. Just a mention that really has nothing to do with sunscreen. So sick of industries being allowed to NOT label ANYTHING that might discourage a consumer. Insert rant about *other* companies NOT being able to label products in any way that might detract sales from large companies that run most of the world. *cough* MonsantoGMOFreeBGHfreelabelinglawsuits *cough*

Skin Deep's new sunscreen ratings also include charts on how well the sunscreens work on both UVA and UVB over time - a good indication of whether or not the sunscreen breaks down into a useless film of crap on your skin after 20 minutes. It's a good idea to keep an eye on that rating as well if that's what's important to you.

Anyway. Here are my thoughts, what I bought last year, and what I'm buying this year. Reviews, info, etc.Collapse )

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]


I'm all about the reducing, and constantly trying to figure out how to reuse stuff before the recycling. Of course, unfortunately I'm always trying to figure out uses for all the crap that I *can't* recycle.

If you read my regular LJ you'll see these there, too. But here's more info for you guys.Collapse )

dirtyhugshipper [userpic]

All I want is cloth pantyliners that are *really* thin, and under 7" - preferably 6". Ok that's not really *all* I want, but it would make me very happy right now. I tell you, I really wish I could sew. Well I *can* but I was just starting to do an acceptable job about 10 years ago and I haven't touched my sewing machine since. (except for a couple times to fix things) The reason being - every place I'm finding and checking that makes cloth pads? They're backed up for weeks on end, they are on breaks because they had so much sewing to do that nothing got done, they're out of stock and can't keep up... and I'm having a hell of a time finding anyone that offers 6" pads. I have these wonderful very thin but very protective 5" pads I got from Whistling Moose (on etsy.com) but she doesn't seem to be around anymore. I love Punky's Pads, and I could ask her for custom pads, she's done it for me before, but I know that right now she's just as slammed as everyone else. She has wonderful circle pads that are 6" and really comfortable, but they're a bit thicker than what I want. I did order another one of those, and a couple of her new winged liners, and they're *wonderful* but I don't know what I was thinking. The liners - while fantastic, as all her stuff always is, and so far no one else I've bought from has been higher quality, maybe equal, but not better - are 8". And I dunno what I was thinking 8" was. I was probably on pain meds.

A long time ago (story time) I don't remember why, but someone asked me what 8" was. (OMG this was a looooong time ago) So I held my thumb and forefinger about 3" apart and I said, "About this much." And someone said (as I wanted them to), "That's not 8"!!" And I replied, "That's what my husband told me!"

The point of that story being that men lie about penis size. No, the point is that I must have been thinking that that's really what 8" is. And I kinda feel bad, cuz while I LOVE them (one is black flannel with perfect white skull/crossbones - she has one of the best fabric selections of anyone) I probably really didn't *need* them. I have others that are similar. Honestly, I think I'm going to keep track of what I'm using and maybe sell or give some away. (If anyone is interested in trying them? Let me know. I know a lot of people find "used pads" really gross, but none of mine are stained and they're probably cleaner than anything else we own. Not that I have issues with people thinking it's gross. I have some I tried once and they're ok, but I like the all in ones better.)

So I still need 6" THIN pantyliners. I could nag Punky's Pads to make me a thinner circle pad. Or a shorter winged liner. But I do hate to throw people off that way if I don't have to.

And yes - I wish I sewed better so I could just do it myself. Though I may eventually try. But if I do it, I doubt I'll run out and buy pretty flannel or cotton. Maybe I can find scraps at a garage sale and use old shirts and stuff for the insides.

I have some sewing to do. One of the things I've changed about my life is I no longer just get rid of things or buy new ones. I'm fixing things. Including holes in clothes. And yes, I have a huge pile of stuff that's been sitting around since last summer, but I *will* fix things. It's been hard with the legs and the car accident thing to organize something like that. My sewing machine is at my mother's so it has to be carried here - I have to make room to use it here which means rearranging some stuff and I can't do that on my own - I have to have someone distract the kitties because I can really only sew in the kitchen - and I'm not sure how long I'll last before I hurt too much to finish. So yeah. Rambling.

A few things are unfixable, and they're now cleaning rags. An old blanket that somehow completely fell apart in the wash (and really, that was a complete mystery, it's a front loading washer and brand new and nothing else fell apart) Mom stuffed in her dog's bed, rather than buy the $8million stuffing that they sell for it. Things we didn't need and were still good of course got given away. We've been really good about not creating extra garbage.

On the subject of reusing? hehehehe. I'll have to take a picture or two of what I started doing with scrap paper. Including the backs of junk mail, envelopes, box packaging (non-corrugated) and just about anything else that can be written on. Evan saves all his printed papers from school and keeps them for me. I'm using the backs of post-it notes by flipping them over and folding the page down over the sticky part. And THEN after everything's been reused it can be recycled. Except the boxes because no one around here recycles that. But I've been finding ways to reuse them till they fall apart.

Now I go back to my hunt for 6" pantiliners.

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