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dirtyhugshipper [userpic]
And a quick question.

The last 10 months have been... well, there've been a lot of ups and downs. And I find myself either distracted, depressed, or with so much to say I end up not saying it.

But I *do* come across a whole lot of information.

So the question:
Would you interested in links to articles about sustainability, neat inventions, food safety/label/organic/ingredients issues, energy, politics (as pertains to tree hugging dirt worshipping and I'd keep it at that), fair trade, climate, and well... other things a tree hugging dirt worshipping dirty hippie might be interested in?

Or would that annoy the hell out of you? I'd probably not ever do more than one a day - and probably not even one every day. A short description so that if it was a touchy subject for you you could just move on without getting upset or bothered. Most of the articles come from ezines or blogs, or even lj, and I realize some of you already read them.

Just, sometimes I'd love to discuss some of the things I read with other people. And NOT usually on the blogs or places I read the articles at - I get way too annoyed at the trolls.

Plus sometimes when I find really neat stuff I wanna SHOW someone :) (I'm lonely lately, can ya tell?)


Always up for good information or discussion. Go for it :)

it wouldn't annoy me. That sounds like stuff I'm interested in, but too lazy to search for. ;)

Always interested in info, too lazy/busy to go find it.

Just a quickie before I leave for work; I washed my hair with baking soda and rinsed with vinegar today and I am so crazy/happy with how soft and not frizzy it is. I've done this before, but the routine is the first sacrifice when school/work demands become too much for me. Just sharing my joy!!