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December 2008
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dirtyhugshipper [userpic]
Still here.

I keep thinking about posting here and then I don't. That's pretty obvious, though, huh?

I've got lots of rants in my head, but really I've just got some links I've been saving to share. :)

America's Most Endangered Foods
Not the best article ever, but it covers the topic and even lists some of the foods. It covers both animals and plants, too, which is nice.

And to go with that is one of my favorite sites to dream on - American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. They have cheek-ans!!! And turkeys and goats and rabbits and everything! They have lots of pics, and also tell you what a breed is best for - meat or eggs or milk or whatever. I do a lot of dreaming about cheek-ans and turkeys over there. :D

New American Dream has an Alternative Gift Registry. You can do bridal or shower or Whatever gift registries over there, and even list things like used books, or vintage clothing, or babysitting, or pie. :) ALONG with direct links to traditional things like dishes or Wiis. I really *like* this. And I'm definitely going to use it.

I've got more - I've got a whole bunch of sites I have on RSS feed that I don't *think* I've posted before, but if I put them all here now, no one will have time to look at them all.

>> insert rant about McCain/Palin and their "stance" on the environment and health here - and make it REALLY long and irate <<

And some day I'll write up some things with real information in them, really I will. I know you guys reading this know most of it, but sometimes I wish I had things written out already, or someplace to point people to instead of having to write out an entirely new long-ass email when they ask me questions. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Will have come back later to really comment, procrastinating enough for one night, but I like the sites so keep posting. The second just made me think I might have to plan things for Turkey day this year.

I HIGHLY doubt my family will go along with it, so need to figure it out with friends. The farm I worked at this summer, he has turkeys. He now has a waiting list for Thanksgiving, and it will be $$$$ but I really want one! Not sure how much more organic(the farm IS totally) and knowing your food source than watching them grow up for 2 months, and will see them a few times again soon. I have pics on my phone of these turkeys somewhere even, THAT close to home!!!

Hmmm, so what are you doing around that weekend in November? Want some REALLY fresh turkey?? Lol, granted I have only cooked one in my life but will make SURE if I buy one it is done correctly!

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